Join the Swimty Ambassador Program and Unleash Your Creativity!


Main BENEFITS of our Ambassadors Program:


#1 Earn a Generous 20% Commission on Every Sale!

Enjoy a fantastic commission on each successful sale you generate. It's a win-win opportunity for you and your audience. 

#2 We will send you our Products!

Stay ahead of the game with exclusive access to our latest products and exciting new collections. Be the trendsetter among your audience and boost your sales potential.

#3 Unlock Early Access to Exclusive Offers, Discounts and New Collections!

As a valued affiliate partner, you'll get exclusive early access to special offers, discounts, and limited edition drops. Delight your audience with unbeatable deals they won't find elsewhere.

#4 Track Your Success!

Monitor your sales and income effortlessly using our user-friendly ReferrLy App. It provides clear and insightful visualizations to help you gauge your performance and maximize your earnings.


You are the perfect match for us if:

- You are very active on social media.
- You are up-to-date with fashion trends.
- You have at least 2000 followers on Instagram.
- You can take beautiful photos and create engaging and motivating content.
- You are willing to organize giveaways and similar activities.
- You have creative ideas and a desire to become our ambassador.


If this sounds like you, join our Ambassador Program today! At SWIMTY, we take pride in seeing how you style your looks with our products. To express our gratitude, we want to reward you by providing an opportunity to earn money. Your commitment to promoting our brand's values and philosophy is greatly appreciated.


We offer to You:

1.  Receive our products.
2.  Get your exclusive coupon and personalized URL to our website.
3.  Start generating sales with your coupon or URL and start earning money!




    Connect to our affiliate program by registering and signing in here:

    Once your account is approved, you will gain access to the system and be able to participate in our affiliate program, subject to the terms and conditions.

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